Not An Apple Martini bottled cocktail

Not An Apple Martini - 500ml Bottled Cocktail

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OK, so it's *kind of* like an Apple Martini.

But what is an Apple Martini? It's more often than not just vodka, apple liqueur, and apple juice in a Martini glass ("it's not a Martini, it doesn't have gin and vermouth!" the Purists will scream).

We've amped up the flavour to give it bags of depth, while still keeping the impossibly fresh taste of crisp Granny Smith apples. Intriguing, yet comfortably familiar.

Bergamot vodka
Lucky Apple Liqueur
Lustau Blanco vermouth
Fino Sherry
Clarified Granny Smith juice
Apple Acid

13.1% abv / 500ml / approx 5 serves

Storage & Serving Instructions
Keep in the fridge, tastes best when drunk within a week.
Serve over ice.

Allergen Info
Contains sulphites
Produced at Mothership HQ, which handles dairy, nuts, and gluten.