Luckyzade 250ml

Luckyzade 250ml

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Created as a refreshing pick-me-up for a recent bartenders' run up Arthur's Seat in the glorious Scottish rain, and inspired by *ahem* other energy-boosting sports drinks.

Our isotonic Luckyzade cocktail contains similar levels of sugars, salts, and electrolytes to the human body, making it ideal for replacing lost energy after excersise. It's super refreshing!

Only available in limited quantities for a short time.

Lucky Orange liqueur
Crossip Fresh
Pink Salt

1% abv / 250ml / 1 serve

Storage & Serving Instructions
Can be stored at room temperature. Best before 16/5/24
Just drink from the can!

Allergen Info
Contains no allergens.
Mixed and canned at Mothership HQ, which handles dairy, nuts, sesame, soy, and gluten.