Haggis Spice Old Fashioned 🥃

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Ok, so it doesn't have any actual haggis in it (although that could make for an interesting drink!)

Inspired by the traditional haggis spices of coriander, nutmeg, and black pepper, we created a wonderfully aromatic liqueur.

Our Haggis Spice Old Fashioned combines the liqueur with a lightly peated Highland malt, Angostura bitters, and just a touch of sugar

25.7% abv / 500ml / approx 5 serves.

Storage & Serving Instructions
Can be stored at room temperature. Will taste best when consumed within 6 months.
Chill the bottle, and serve over BIG ice with a strip of lemon zest.

Allergen Info
Contains no allergens.
Created at Mothership HQ, which handles dairy, nuts, and gluten.