Forgotten Cask Old Fashioned - 500ml Bottled Cocktail

Forgotten Cask Old Fashioned - 500ml Bottled Cocktail

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In our "liquid archives" we've had for some time a fantastic old "Scotch".

OK, so the Whisky Police won't let us call it Scotch whisky, as it wasn't aged and stored in a bonded warehouse.

It's quite unlike any Scotch we've ever tasted before. It's old (how old - we're not quite sure), smooth and rounded, with a little vanilla and caramel sweetness.
We also taste a gentle peatiness, and just a hint of violet.

Of course, we can't sell the whisky by itself as it's provenance can't be proven, so the best way to taste for yourself is to enjoy in our 'Forgotten Cask' Old Fashioned.

Blend of bitters
Touch of sugar

29.3% abv / 500ml / approx 5 serves

Storage & Serving Instructions
Can be stored at room temperature.
Chill the bottle. Serve over BIG ice, with a strip of orange zest.

Allergen Info
Contains no allergens
Produced at Mothership HQ, which handles dairy, nuts, and gluten.