Six Cylinder Cocktail 10cl

Six Cylinder Cocktail 10cl

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Inspired by a recipe in The Savoy Cocktail Book of 1920, the Steel-aged Six Cylinder cocktail comes from the Last Word Saloon in Edinburgh. Comprising Bombay Sapphire Gin, a blend of vermouths, Campari, Cherry Heering, Dubonnet and a secret formula, this deep red cocktail is aged and married in steel, allowing for a smooth, well blended cocktail.

My wife say's it's like a Negroni, but better (her words)

Did we mention its travel sized?

100ml / 22.4% abv / 120g

Storage & Serving Instructions
Can be stored at room temperature. Tastes best when consumed within 6 months

Simply chill, pour, and enjoy! (A strip of orange zest is our favourite garnish).

Allergen Info
Contains nuts and sulphites
Produced at Mothership HQ, which handles dairy, celery, and gluten.