Martini Kit

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You love gin, right?

Why not mix up a martini or 2 in the comfort of your own home?

We'll send you everything you need:

50cl Never Never Triple Juniper Gin
20cl Extra Dry Vermouth Blend

To make your martini at home, simply stir a little vermouth with a decent slug of gin and a few ice cubes for 30 seconds. Pour into your fanciest glass (straining the ice out), and garnish with a few olives, or a strip of lemon zest (or both!).

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well yes and no; it's one of the simplest drinks to make, but one of the easiest to get wrong.

Here's a few tips from our bar pros to help you:

1. Get your cocktail glasses in the freezer - super-cold martinis taste better
2. Experiment with ratios - try 50ml gin with a teaspoon of vermouth for an extra dry martini, or 2 parts gin to one part vermouth for a smoother sipper. (We love an extra cold 4:1 martini)
3. If your ice cubes are large and straight out the freezer, stir for a bit longer to get the extra dilution. If your ice cubes are small, or have been out of the freezer for a while, stir for a bit less time. If your drink tastes too strong, just stir it a little longer.
4. Don't have a cocktail shaker to stir in? Use a jam jar or a glass jug, or a pint glass. You can stir with anything that works for you - spoon/knife/finger/whatever.
5. As always - drink responsibly, but have fun