Lucky Liqueurs  BARREL-AGED DAMSON ISLAY *limited edition*

Lucky Liqueurs BARREL-AGED DAMSON ISLAY *limited edition*

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Islay whisky rested in a Damson gin cask for 6 months with a minimal amount of sugar added, to maintain the balance of peat and Damsons, which is incredibly and intriguingly delicate, with floral notes from the gin cask.

This would suit those interested in barrel ageing, gin and peated Islay flavours. The Damsons and peat combine to make wonderful holiday aromas with depth.

Can be imbibed neat, or on ice, with soda and an orange slice, in festive holiday drinks to add that wonderful peaty taste of Islay, or added to a G+T for a an Islay kick.

Tasting notes; light peat, delicate, stonefruit

Available in 250ml

35% ABV