Great British Dry Vermouth

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Crisp, clean, delightfully dry, it captures all the wonderful diversity of the Great British countryside in a bottle.

Made by hand in small batches on the Dalmeny Estate, near Edinburgh
British wine, spirit, and herbs – sustainably grown and foraged on the estate.
No added sweeteners or other artificial additives

Cold infused, to preserve the delicate flavours and beneficial qualities of our 24 herbs and flowers.
Made with herbs that harmonise with gin botanicals, such as bay, orris, and coriander, for delicious cocktails. Other ingredients, such as lemon balm and elderflower, give a floral depth to the wine flavour. Still others, like nettle and “sticky Willie,” are medicinal herbs that most people now think of as weeds.

Perfect in a Martini or tasty with Tonic

18% abv