Corpse Reviver Number Bru 500ml bottled cocktail by Mothership

Corpse Reviver Number Bru - 500ml Bottled Cocktail

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The Corpse Reviver is one of a category of pick-me-ups, or eye-openers, prescribed by barkeeps during the 1800s to invigorate those who had over-indulged the night before.

We've added a wee Scottish twist in the form of our own National hangover cure - the mighty Irn Bru.

Aperitif wine
Lucky Orange liqueur
Freshly squeezed lemon
Irn Bru reduction
Absinthe dash

15.9% abv / 500ml / approx 5 serves

Storage & Serving Instructions
Keep in the fridge, tastes best when drunk within a week.
Serve over ice.

Allergen Info
Contains sulphites
Produced at Mothership HQ, which handles dairy, nuts, and gluten.