The Modern Cocktail - 500ml Bottled Cocktail

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The Modern Cocktail

Legendary cocktail scholar Dave Wondrich can be credited with rediscovering The Modern Cocktail, which was first created in 1905. Not only does he describe it as “spectacularly good” but also “enough to restore your faith in the cocktail.” In other words, a convincing case for picking up a bottle of sloe gin and getting to it.

Sloe Gin
House Blended Scotch whisky
Dashes of absinthe & bitter orange

Storage & Serving Instructions
Keep in the fridge, tastes best when drunk within a week.
Simply pour over ice and enjoy!
If you fancy serving without ice, make sure the drink and glass are super cold!
Garnish with an optional brandied cherry

Allergen Info
Contains no allergens
Produced at Mothership HQ, which handles dairy, nuts, and gluten.